Guillaume Bort

I’m a Staff Software Engineer at Datadog. I’m probably best known for creating Play, the framework for easily building web applications with Java & Scala


I have 20 years of experience working on various software engineering projects. I have designed many large scale system, API, services & distributed architectures. I also like developing user facing applications, doing Front-End & UI development.

These days I'm working on the infrastructure and the platform supporting Datadog events pipelines.

Prior to Datadog:

  1. I worked on the infrastructure and the platform allowing Criteo to deal with the Peta Bytes of data used by our Analytics & Machine Learning pipelines (aka Big Data).

  2. I co-founded Zengularity with my friend Habib. The company has been acquired since by Fabernovel.

  3. I launched with my friend Sadek.

  4. I helped large companies such as LinkedIn or Apple to integrate the Play framework into their stack.

  5. I participated to the launch of Lightbend (previously known as Typesafe) by bringing a Scala web framework to the stack.

  6. I worked at INRIA in a research team focused on distributed work.